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hail the torus

When whimsical raps open sourced their RIP module, I realised it was a simple Passive DI, which used some of the best audio transformers available in commerce: CINEMAG. So I decided to make my own version, and after some research on the marvellous dimension of forums i found out a cheaper and more readily available replacement for the transformers. 

But first of all how does it works? This module can convert a modular signal to a Balanced line one, and viceversa, and the most incredible thing is that is done passively! The secret stands in the ratio between of the two windings of the transformer, this determines the shift in level of an Audio signal. The beauty of transformers as well is that the IN is isolated from the OUT. This because they transmit a signal from a coil copper winding ( basically its an inductor ) to another through an electromagnetic field. What does it means? That if you want you can lift the GND sharing with a switch, which in some situations helps removing quite a good amount of noise floor on your audio signal!

The company I picked up for the transformers is OEP and is UK based.

On this design i decided to have the modular ins and GND lift switches on a 2hp panel and the XLR line outs on a separate board which can be mounted internally on the case on the backside of the case ( like a classic output you have on an instrument) . 

I then went FULL ON and designed a lasercut case with 4 sloths for the XLRs.

I’m for the concept less is more, which i find quite essential on a modular synth, and went for 60 hp 6U. 

I then covered the case with a really nice trippy african pattern cloth.

I have on the works a refined dual version, which won't require any wiring ( just a nice ribbon cable ) .


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