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I have a bit of a mixed education background:  I’ve completed the winemaking high school in Cividale del Friuli (Italy), where I am from. I’ve studied classical and jazz piano at the conservatoire “J.Tomadini” in Udine for some years, however I ended up quitting my music studies and plunging into the synth DIY realm (always had a charm for electronic music instruments). That was my ticket to start my eurorack modular journey. I have then moved to Glasgow and completed a sound production HND at New Lanarkshire College. I then got a job at Instruo, where I’ve gained more in depth knowledge about electronic circuit design.

Being a musician, the lack of personalised tools was what pushed me to start make my own instruments, and the availability of resources and knowledge unfolded an endless world of possibilities. The act of making is to me a wonderful process.

I am particularly interested in the Interface design with instruments creation. I embrace the limitations of an instrument, which shapes and defines the way someone plays it.

Following my grandma observation I realised I’m putting my music into these instruments. 

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