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What brought me there was the concept of Macros, the ability of change more than one parameter at the same time with one movement. This is a mechanical rendition of this concept . It will be a multifunctional cv generator/mangler . Soon. For the moment just please your eyes.


So I made quite some progress with this, updated to an arm M0 processor, new panel, mode and output level LEDs. 
The I/O interface is now well crystallized:
-1 clock input;
-3 cv inputs (which are normalised 1 to 3);
-3 cv outputs;
-1 MIDI output;
The module it's divided in three identical sections composed by knob,cv in & out.
The processor will be able to run different cv processing algorhythms, accessible independently by each section (which due to the nature of the module will be in reality co-dependent).
Some of the features will be:
-CV phase shifting;
-S&H and ASR;
-Pseudo random Benjolin inspired behaviour;
-Manual spin LFO;
-CV to MIDI;
-Clockable wavetable LFO;
Soon pictures and more....


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